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They say we don't know what it's like to be a mother until that moment comes. And so it is; that moment of happiness is unique and incomparable. The emotion is such that it overcomes the pain and exhaustion of birth, and watching our child for the first time makes the world stop. After that instant, just a few seconds later our relief is enormous and our way of expressing it, as it could not be otherwise is with tears; tears of relief, of comfort, of joy, of satisfaction, of happiness and of affection... those tears are sweet and unique but the meaning of them will remain forever in our head and in our heart. Those tears are Swettears.


But why not continue with that beautiful feeling and unconditional love for our son forever? Swettears is a 100% brand made in Spain that bets for the comfort and well-being of our little one, and for it is composed only of natural materials without seams of a piece, achieving the maximum ergonomics in our garments so that the sensation of comfort in them is absolute; in a word, Ergocomodity®.